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Case study


ABN AMRO Santander Andbank


TORKEN, as a software editor, markets the TRM (Torken Risk Management) solution to meet the regulatory requirements of banks in terms of risk management (Basel II and Basel III)
- ALM: Asset and liability management (reporting, regulatory statements, simulation)
- VaR: Risk control (RiskMetrics method)
- CRL: Control for Risks and Limits (interest rate, currency, credit risks, etc.)

The solution marketed until then by TORKEN required functional evolutions to meet the new regulatory requirements and to free itself from technologies presenting a significant risk of obsolescence.


> Pay off the technical debt

> Offer a higher level of performance on high-volume processing

> To have the capability to meet future regulatory requirements by ensuring a high level of Time-to- Market (facilitated functional evolutions over time)

Key points

Regulatory security


High availability

Results of the software

mage thanks to Faveod


Greatly reduced processing times

Optimized Time-to-Market

Reduced maintenance costs

Function points


Partner editor

Production environment: One solution - N plateformes

RedHat / Java / Oracle / Chrome

Windows Server / SQL Server / IE

SaaS (Linux / Ruby / PostgreSQL) / Chrome