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The French Conseil d'État wanted to modernize its tools for collecting information produced by the various jurisdictions (administrative courts, courts of appeal and internal services) with a view to disseminating it on paper and digitally (ArianeWeb, Legifrance, etc.).

The existing system, a proprietary desktop application, relied on numerous paying databases (1 per jurisdiction). Difficult to maintain, it could no longer evolve due to a significant technical debt and a lack of documentation.


> Industrialize the process of managing the legal publication of the Conseil d'État's case law

> Take back control of the IS and ensure a perfect integration with the existing system

> Simplify the architecture and reduce costs

Key points

Technical debt

IS Integration


Results of the software

made thanks to Faveod


Implementation of a simplified, maintainable and scalable Web architecture

Savings of dozens of servers (1 centralized solution for all jurisdictions)

Elimination of licenses and dependencies (100% Open Source solution)

Intellectual property belonging to the Conseil d'État

Nombre de points de fonction

9 370


Déploiement en production

Tomcat / Java / MariaDB